If you are pregnant, or think you might be, you need to let your dentists know. It’s not a bad idea to schedule a visit, and the best times to do that are during the first and third trimester. The last thing you need to worry about with a baby is a cavity or other dental issue, and your dentists can take care of it before your new arrival.

Most dental work is safe during your pregnancy, and it is even safe for you to get X-rays. However, depending on your dental need, the dentists may want to delay your appointment until after your baby comes, and if you are concerned about X-rays, your dentists can provide you with a protective collar and apron.

You will experience hormonal changes when you are pregnant, and because of that you may find yourself at a greater risk for gum disease. Your dentists can spot gum disease and treat you for it to keep it from becoming a problem. Some women experience a growth on their gums called pregnancy tumors. Despite the name, they are benign and can easily be removed by your dentists if they give you problems.

You need to continue to brush and floss when you are pregnant and watch out for morning sickness. Although it is a part of being pregnant, morning sickness means acid from your stomach in your mouth. When that happens, rinse your mouth with a teaspoon of baking soda in water and brush your teeth thirty minutes later.

Being pregnant is a medical condition and as such, you need to keep your dentists in the loop. If you are expecting a baby, or planning on getting pregnant, don’t forget your visit with Drs. Lembo and Jaffin at Belmont Dental Associates in Haledon, New Jersey. Call 973-790-4494 to schedule your appointment today.

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